Oxide ceramics

Our materials with high aluminium-oxide content are rather called artificial precious stones because these ones are consisted of the same components like ruby and sapphire generated in the nature. These precious stones were generated when the earth’s crust was created. At that time the giant pressure and temperature transformed the aluminium-oxide being in the earth’s crust to corundum crystals (it is basis of our production process, as well). The ruby became pink because chrome-oxide got in the corundum crystals and the sapphire became blue because small quantity cobalt-oxide got between the crystals.

The aluminium-oxide ceramics have special mechanical characteristics. These special characteristics are the results of the ceramics’ micro structure and chemical composition which can be achieved through various technological processes.

The oxide ceramics with 92% aluminium-oxide content, generally used in our plant, is highly resistant to thermal shock; it has a great high-frequency loss, its sintering temperature is 1550 Co, and its colour is white.

In order to meet the requirements of our customers, we can colour the ceramics’ base material or we can apply any colour from the RAL colour chart to the surface of the white ceramics.

Main characteristics of the ceramics:

  • High hardness, abrasion resistance
  • Electric insulation capacity, corrosion resistance
  • Heat impact resistance
  • Heat resistance
  • Bio inert capacity
  • High chemical resistance capacity
  • High melting point

Recommended application areas of oxide ceramics:

  • Textile industry: fibre guiding elements for process of artificial fibres and natural fibres
  • Cable production: wire guiding elements
  • Boiler production: insulation supports of ignition electrodes
  • Brick and tile production: tooling orifice elements
  • Production of industrial furnaces: fixing- and support elements of heat insulation materials
  • Lamp production: parts of UV, quartz, photo and special lamps
  • Production of medical means: prostheses, ear- and tooth prostheses and osteopathy
  • Welding- and shot blasting nozzles

Many fields of practical life require special properties of oxide ceramics!